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  A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the “Go Fund Me” page at https://www.gofundme.com/riverratrob.

(Evie posting for Rob) Rob is developing a list of things we need on the waterways, like better idle zone signs, navigational buoys and sewage pump out stations. This is his list so far, what other ideas do you have to improve our waterways? email them to: maps@RiverRatRob.com

Things Our Waterways Need


Better, more noticeable Idle Zone signs.

Proper placement/maintenance of Idle Zone Signs.

Overhaul the Weir (rock bed has sunk below water line).

Better signage at the Weir, lights indicating boat way.

Inverted ruler at low bridges (boat clearence).

Address stability at mouth of all our rivers. Dredge a boat path.

Red/green navigation lights at Old River Wooden Bridge and interstate bridge at Blind River.

Idle Zone for Our Lady of Blind River Chapel.

Need public fishing pier/playground/designated swimming area.

Floating, lighted red/green navigation buoys at the mouth of waterways indicating boat channels.

Signage at the mouth of the Amite River Loop, silting, narrow and debris in the way of boats going straight.

Well maintained sewage pump out stations with access for large boats.

Maintain water quality.

With 2 interconnected huge lakes, access to the Gulf of Mexico, numerous rivers/canals/bayous, more needs to be done to maintain and improve our waterways on a local, state and federal level.